vendredi 18 avril 2008


Problem definitly finish, my numeric work :D
Now, all records will be post with only vocal (dirty..raw...) version.

2nd artist to April, and his name is "Ghettolandz". This one, is, in my things, the last release of 4 records from Ghettolandz. 3 records are under the name Ghettolandz, and one under "The Madness".

That 12" was released in 1997 on Royal Madness Records for Alexander Pooh Productions. it was produced by IznIz, unknown producer for me.

Great & obscure record out of Alabama... (but im not sure :p)



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Ralven a dit…

Very nice post. Never heard of this. Ginuwine Thoughts is the ish. Thx!

pz, Ralven

datswhatsup a dit…

main tracks aint greaterif u been puted another single with main tracks dats would be nothing worse but ghettolandz nah not this for main tracks

Anonyme a dit…

a good dark one

props & respect

keep up the good work

Brakkbacda a dit…


qnzgrimiest a dit…

ginewine thoughtz is mad ill, i love those drums, it sounds like something havoc wouldve mad back in 1996 on the hell on earth days, mic hot has that hot piano sample, and drums are crazy that real dusty sound that it has something rza would've used in 36 chamber good post