dimanche 25 mai 2008


another dope indie record,

hell yeah, Bosch is his names. on the a-side "Jezebel" is mellow jazz track, very great & dope for me. But "Rizing Suns" on the b-side is the winner.

it was release in 1997 on Launchpad records..and surely it is the most dopeness on this label. It was produced by Rockit. Cut & Scratches are makin by the big Dj Krush.

Both record outta New Jersey,



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BYL a dit…

Mad thanks for this record man. Both tracks are really really likeable. This is definatly going on my want list. Do you know about any other Bosch material?

LaSenSii a dit…

nah i dont know any bosch release.. i think it is the only one;

Ralven a dit…

Nice one. Knew the Rizing Suns track from a mixtape. Thanks for the name and sharing this dope ish.

peez, ralven

Anonyme a dit…

dope drop thx man

BYL a dit…

i need to take a trip to france

Diaz a dit…

hey what's your email man and we can discuss a trade.

LaSenSii a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Please .....I need the re-upload on this..... here's some info
Straight from my page on MYSPACE
GLOBAL PLATOON - " TO LIVE AND NEVER SAY DIE " 1997 Launch Pad Records Vaulted release will finally see the light of day...... This Baltimore super crew comprised of soloist / groups / and DJs. From the brainchild of M.I.C / DJ ROCKIT who also released two previous 12" under the LAUNCHPAD banner in early 1997 titled "STREETS OF GOLD" aka "GUNS" feat. STEVE COLLOSAL / M.I.C then later the 12" / "JEZEBEL" feat .BOSCH both made a little noise but didnt get its shine!!! Fast forward to late 97 the crew camped out in the LAB and put forth this classic material for the world to hear .......amongst the PRE Y2K hype ..... Executive produced by DJ Rockit aka ROCK DOLO / M.I.C and Produced by DJ Cutt
Demo Version 97'
Global Platoon - Executive Order feat. M.I.C / ROME / BOSCH / ILLOGIC
Global Platoon - Matreiya feat . BOSCH / SUPREME / M.I.C
Global Platoon - 2AM feat . ROME / ILLOGIC
Global Platoon - Ground Zero feat . BOSCH / ILLOGIC / ROME / M.I.C
Global Platoon - Fiasco feat. M.I.C / BOSCH
Global Platoon - Die Again (Kill Me) feat. BOSCH / ILLOGIC / ROME / M.I.C
Global Platoon - Global Warming (Death March) feat. SUPREME / BOSCH / M.I.C / ILLOGIC / CHANGA
Global Platoon - Keep Your Day Job 12" feat.COLLOSAL / M.I.C / BOSCH / FLA FLA / SUPREME / ROME w/ Crew Family feat . M.I.C / ROME / BOSCH

BOSCH & ILLOGIC - Mind Your Business .... Produced by DJ Profaze
BOSCH & ILLOGIC - The Jungle ....... Produced by ROME
Stay tuned........ More mid to late 90's material from these MOBTOWN vets aka BALTIMORE CITY MURDERLAND with SPARROW / LABTEKWON / CONSTANT DEVIANTS / STEVE COLLOSAL / SUPREME / PROFAZE / BOSCH / ILLOGIC / ROME / CHANGA / DJ ROCKIT... who all ran together and broke bread like brothers even though it was sorta dysfunctional at times!!!