dimanche 22 juin 2008

Illcrook - Illcrook [12"]

recently i posted not a lot of records, but im ready to keep alive my blog :)

how many person' have listened this stuff... Woouuuuu plenty i think but i have never found lot of info on this wax. just a dope stuff with very fat drums and pretty nice piano. not dated, but i think it was released in 94', drums are like this years. bumpy knuckles rapper ? hum possible, but im not sure, if anybody have more info on this record, put a feedback

its def' a fuckin dope underground untitled short track




8 commentaires:

charlie a dit…

thanks yo

Anonyme a dit…

this shit is dope thx man

Andyman187 a dit…

Shit is mad dope. Remember getting it from the Vinyl Addicts. Thanks

Brakkbacda a dit…

C'est de 96' apparement...d'apres le rip s1r que j'ai.
Deux grosses bombes, bien vu !

Diaz a dit…

Yo I emailed you back about that trade hit me back soon.

Dabrovska a dit…

Ouais ca s'écoute volontiers... quand est-ce que tu re-up le blog ?

Diaz a dit…

hey, I sent you another email today. let me know if you get this one.

Brakkbacda a dit…

Vend le moi. Vite